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The difficult history of Via Giulia began in 1508. It was to be a central point in Pope Julius II Della Rovere’s plans, which went well beyond simply building a new road. In his plans for this vast complex, He intended to promote a plan for the modernisation of the old, medieval-type organisational structure of the city, with a long-term goal of completely reorganising the state. In early-16th century Rome all the principal public buildings were to be built in an area between Via Papale and the bend in the Tiber, where the new road will be laid.

What then remains of Julius II’s initial project…? The fantastic memory of an imperial idea: blocks of rough travertine marble resembling sofas, the name attributed to them by the Roman population. The sofas of Via Giulia bear testimony to the project that Bramante was to complete under commission from the Pontiff Julius II.. He was to have erected the Palace of Tribunals in an area corresponding to that hosting the Church of San Biagio della Pagnotta, restructuring the same to make it part of the new complex. This never happened, Julius II’s dream was destined to remain just that – a dream. His utopian presumption to emulate the great Roman emperors, converting building activity into an instrument of political propaganda ended with his death.

This is Via Giulia now – a prestigious and varied historical and artistic excursus that gently accompanies the past, without allowing it to loose itself in the modern oblivion. Times have changed, but its story has not been forgotten: this is the dimension of time that sublimes the senses of each and every visitor here.

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